The Power of Leveraging

When we sold our food shop few months ago and lost money i started to think, what could have done better? I could remember, working hard. I work almost 7 days a week 10 to 12 hours per day, and that could have been the cause of the lost. Correction please, it's not a lost as long as you learn! Oh, in order to succeed we should work hard right? Well, not really. If working hard alone can make you succeed then try working in a farm.  They work hard! We are a family of farmers. We have been farming since birth. The truth is working hard is different from working SMART. 

This is where i could have done better: I worked hard IN business rather that working hard ON the business. Yes, i would do the selling, dishes, cleaning in order to save cost but because of being busy in daily activities, i forgot to strategize. Well, I have done my best and I don't regret it as i have learnt a ton of lessons.

Few months ago i have read the book The 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferriss, though I don't agree with all of the things that was written there, it taught me a lot of things about LEVERAGE. And so i tried and it's awesome. I realise how much freedom I have until I tried to OUTSOURCE labor from other countries.

My first experience was the logo design few months back. I researched and got somebody from India to do my logo for as low as $6. Yes, you got it right $6! The logo if I will do it on my own could have consumed 2 to 3 hours of my time but i saved it and paid somebody instead. In that 3 hours, i could have made $70 or more by working or selling my products or probably spending time with my favourites:) My FAMILY.

Yes, the only one that you cannot hire is a husband. You can outsource almost everything! From sending emails, deleting emails, editing blogs, video making, business plans, resumes name it! You can even hire somebody who can wake you up in the morning! Yes, they will give you a wake up call. I hired somebody from Pakistan to edit my website and it was delight working with them.

I'm just starting to learn and enjoy the power of leverage and this excites me. 

Sending you blessings my friends.


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